WordPress consultations

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One-on-One Help

WordPress is quite powerful and flexible, but can also be quite overwhelming with the all the themes, plugins, widgets, caching and all those things that come with it.

No worries, we can help! One on One consultation is designed to help you in the best way possible. Each session can be recorded for your future reference. We will only be invoicing your after the successful session.

Most Common WordPress Issues 

How to get most of the call?

Make a list

Make sure you list all of your issues, so that we don’t skip any, and we cover as much as possible

Send us your Questions

Apart from the list of issues, please send us any additional questions. That help us prepare better for the call and save the time.

Video Software

Usually we use Zoom or Skype for our calls. In each case our call can be recorded, so you can come back to it at any point in time.


Make sure your website is backed up. We will probably do some editing, so backing up beforehand is mandatory. We recommend Updraft Plus plugin

Ask US anything

Don’t hesitate to ask anything. There is no such thing as a stupid question!